Welcome to my Accounting, Learning and Online Communication journey. I look forward to sharing my experience with the rest of you. Feel free to check out the about page to learn a little more about me, and follow my blog.


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Hi everyone (waves), my name is Natasha but many know me as Tash. I come from the beautiful land of the long white cloud (NZ), and now live in a small country town called Nabawa not far from Geraldton in WA, after making the move to Australia with my husband and our two boys in 2014.

I have been working at an accounting firm since I moved to Australia and funnily enough really enjoy the work, which drove my decision to start studying towards a Bachelor of Accounting. I have always found numbers interesting, and I guess it was not surprising when I decided to become an accountant as I come from a family of accountants. I just never really thought it was something I wanted to do, being sat at a desk day in day out. I guess your ideas and perceptions change as you grow up and join the work force, I just wish I had realised my calling earlier.

I have been eager to get into ACCT11081 after completing ACCT11059 last year. That course challenged me as a person, I have always been one to shy away from new technology even though I am aware of the huge benefits most have. It isn’t a fear of technology, I use technology everyday at work, I think it is more a want to be different and not follow the trend, I feel as though subconsciously I am not doing something purely because everyone else is. I was slow to take up the facebook trend (however I would find it difficult to live without it now). I found starting a blog last year and interacting with others online was a great way for me to break down some of my own barriers and really grow as a person.

Good luck to everyone else taking this course this term, I look forward to sharing the journey with you.